CLA and Fish oil in combination for much better weight loss

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A novel combination of fish oil plus conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is capable of more effectively boosting weight loss, according to researchers tests on mice at the university of Texas health science centre. 

Researchers proposed that fish oil seemed to offset some of the insulin resistance issues associated with CLA.  A lowering of insulin sensitivity is not great for health, as it has been implicated in so many modern day disease epidemics such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, however the results of this study showed the addition of fish oil offset this negative effect, by improving sensitivity.

Aside from fish oil, research on CLA has shown that another way around this insulin resistance issue is by mixing different types of CLA. 

Researchers from both the USA and Spain have managed to show that mixing the CLA forms (technically known as isomers) t10/c12 with c9/t11 totally offsets any problems with insulin resistance, but maintains the weight loss inducing characteristics of this supplement.  So the t10/c12 isomers cause weight loss but induce insulin resistance, and the c9/t11 isomers simply restore insulin sensitivity again, making for a more rounded and healthy outcome.

CLA is believed to exert its weight loss action by causing fat cells to self destruct, and reducing the rate at which they multiply.  Within the fat cell it also seems to affect enzymes that are responsible for the production of fat, helps ramp up energy usage and the burning of fat.

If you buy a CLA product make sure it contains a combination of t10/c12 and c9/t11 isomers, a 50/50 ratio seems to work best.  According to major CLA scientific reviews the correct dosage seems to be roughly 3g per day.  It is also highly advisable to take a good quality fish oil supplement alongside CLA, as this may offset negative side effects on insulin sensitivity, and also enhance its action.


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