Hayfever relief with the anti-inflammatory mushroom reishi

May 14, 2011 | By More

Reishi mushroom has a history of use as an immune tonic, and is also capable of modifying immunity in a direction that is helpful to those suffering from certain allergy related conditions.

In essence those suffering from hayfever may view reishi as a natural antihistamine like solution, however it works at a deeper level by modifying immunity, producing a greater tolerance to allergens.

So in the case of hayfever it will hopefully tone down responsiveness to pollens.

In terms of a good quality reishi product, MRL mushrooms are the best brand that I have come across, and I have been recommending and getting good results with these for many years (I have no affiliation with this company).  Product link: Mycology Research Laboratories

Reishi like many other therapeutic mushrooms appears to work even better when combined with probiotics (friendly bacteria supplements).  This is largely because probiotics also help to re-balance immunity in a manner that tones down allergy in the body.  Always choose a good quality probiotic product that contains research proven strains of bacteria.


The Use of Ganoderma lucidium (Reishi) in the Management of Histamine-Mediated Allergic Responses

Immunomodulation by food: promising concept for mitigating allergic disease?

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